U.S. Marshals join effort to find escaped Harrison County jail inmate

The U.S. Marshals Service has joined the effort to help Harrison County Sheriff's Office find an inmate who walked out of the jail while on trash duty.

Gary Gorman had been assigned to an inside jail worker's position. He was helping with the trash and managed to walk out of the jail with a group of inmates. according to Lt. Jay Webb.

"We're researching his friends and researching all of his information regarding locations," Webb said. "I'm sure one of his friends or somebody has had communication with him."

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The U.S. Marshals are helping deputies search both east and west of Harrison County, at every known location and address with which Gorman has been affiliated. This includes as far east as Caddo Parrish, Lousiana, and as far west as Dallas County, Texas. 

Webb said in the past, many times escapees tend to gravitate to larger cities in order to "blend in" to their surroundings.

"Large cities among major highways are not unusual locations for them to go," Webb said.

"We will find him, eventually; somebody will stop them, somebody will check them and find a warrant out for his arrest," Webb added. "Something will pop up."

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