Authorities speak out about Harrison County Jail escapee

HARRIS COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - A convicted felon has escaped from the Harrison County Jail. The Harrison County Sheriff's Office tells us Gary Gorman never came in after taking out the trash Saturday night around 11.

We spoke with Harrison County authorities about the incident.

Gary Gorman had been assigned to an inside jail worker's position. He was helping with the trash and managed to walk out of the jail with a group of inmates according to Lt. Jay Webb with Harrison County.

"He just mixed in with them and walked out. He did not return and it was realized as soon as the other inmates came in that he was not with them and that he should not have ever been granted access out the door," Webb said.

They checked the phone records and found Gorman had made a call:

"To another inmate's girlfriend. The other inmate's girlfriend was instructed to come to the jail and to pick him up at a certain time or to wait for him. So this was a very well planned and very well orchestrated situation," Webb stated.

Webb says the woman lives in the Longview area, and they want to speak to her.

"She's the alleged accomplice in this and her name is Terry Harness or Terry Douglas," Webb revealed.

Sheriff Tom McCool tells me Gorman may have gone east to Louisiana, but have notified authorities to the west in Gregg, Upshur, and Dallas counties that he may be in their areas.

"He has a very long history of criminal charges, and it's not unusual for him to be in our jail, or we want to get him back in to the custody of the jail, and he will now have a new charge of escape added to his current charges," Webb added.

Sheriff McCool also said they have contacted the local U.S. Marshal's Office to spread the word about Gorman's escape. He also says there may be more charges pending. Of course, if you see Gorman contact the Harrison County Sheriff's Office at (903) 923-4000.

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