Longview Volunteers Create Evacuee Apartments

Some Longview volunteers are working to create a new home for evacuees from an abandoned building. The long abandoned Clever Center on MLK Blvd. is what many volunteers hope will become home for hurricane survivors.

"We just felt like it was the best thing to do because it could have been us. We're not that far from New Orleans. We know they need help and we're here to help them and its from our hearts," said volunteer Lashane Roquemore.

Workers with Safe Haven Shelter For Women, Letourneau students and neighborhood volunteers all took part in the first steps to get the place back into shape today.

"After we saw the great effect of Hurricane Katrina we knew that we needed to do something else at that moment with this building," Roquemore says.

There are 55 apartments in the building. They can house around 200 people long term at the facility. The prospect has all of the volunteers aware of what they are trying to achieve.

"It will be interesting to look back and see how history treats this 10 to 15 years from now to see the impact a small town like this has made," said Letourneau freshman, Brian Tuscher.

"You feel like your really doing something your really making a difference," said Letourneau junior, Clint Olson.

Those who are working on the project say, it's a chance to offer some of the evacuees a life outside of the main shelter, and everyone should try to do the same.

"We're asking East Texans and surrounding areas to please get involved this is not a Longview thing its a USA thing" says Roquemore.

Volunteers hope to have the facility ready in a few weeks.

Bob Hallmark reporting, bhallmark@kltv.com