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The most extravagant doughnuts we could find on National Doughnut Day

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Today was National Doughnut Day. And if you missed it, you missed out on some pretty sweet deals.

But don't worry. If your sweet tooth still needs satisfying, you can still get your fix tomorrow. In the meantime, treat your eyes to this.

In honor of the holiday, we rounded up some of the most extravagant doughnuts we could find - because doughnuts this fancy deserve a special shoutout on a doughnut holiday.

Doughnuts have been around for a long time, but the holiday was first celebrated in Chicago in 1938. Since then, doughnuts have evolved and, in some cases, become gourmet meals.

Like this Glazed & Confused Angus beef slider patty on a vanilla bean glazed donut from Glazed Donut Works …

Or these DoughNachos with layered mini yeast raised rings, whipped cream, strawberries, dulce de leche, chocolate, blueberries and a shortbread cookie crumble …

Or this sweet potato maple fluff doughnut …

And Hypnotic Donuts in Denton and Dallas makes a bacon, banana and peanut butter doughnut that you can order on Uber Eats.

And this concoction is basically the stuff of dreams, spicy chicken topped with syrup and sandwiched between a glazed doughnut.

More than 10 billion donuts are eaten around the world each year. And then there’s this. If you like pastries and jewelry, this 24 carat gold doughnut might be your style.

You can get no more extravagant than this – a tea party for the royal wedding with royal wedding-themed doughnuts. Although, the gold doughnut was close.

Here are a couple more gourmet-style doughnuts.

And then we have the gallows burger - we don't want to know why it's called that. It's a vanilla glazed doughnut with an egg, sunny side up, pub cheese, bacon, lettuce and pickles. Yes, that's lettuce on a doughnut. We told you this list was extra.

And last, if you want to overdose on chocolate you could try this chocolate doughnut with oreos, sandwiched with chocolate ice cream, a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and pretzels. 

More than 10 billion donuts are eaten around the world each year. National Doughnut Day was founded by the Salvation Army. You can read all about how that came to be here.

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