Longview finally gets a comic con

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Over the years they have gotten big, really big, and now Longview finally has one of its own. Yes, a comic convention has fought its way into Longview to the Maude Cobb Convention and Activity Complex.

It's been a long time since comic conventions were just about comics, and Greg Hanks with AVC Conventions is putting on a show with a whole lot of extra-comicular activity.

"It encompasses so many other things because the most popular television on nowadays is based on comic books. A lot of people are fans of comics and don't even know it," Hanks said.

"When people come, what can they expect?" I asked Hanks.

"There's a whole room, as you see behind me setting up, full of vendors selling everything from comics to shirts to artwork," Hanks stated.

And a whole lot more. David Trippel and his wife Christina have some of that more. In fact, they have so much that they have to set up what looks like wood fencing.

"I'm feeling trapped for some reason," I said to David.

"It looks like a cage doesn't it?" he commented.

For 30 years, he's been selling swords, so he knows how to display them.

"We've got some big swords," Trippel said with a smile.

"Of course we've got the celebrity guests like from wrestling, from Power Rangers, from comic books, from the Walking Dead, Dragon Ball Z, I mean it's a ton of fandoms," Hanks said.

If you want that from which the comic con sprang, there are plenty of those around. Just ask Michael Curl about his comic books.

"The movies have kind of revitalized things for comics," Curl said.

He sells to finance his hobby and has kept his day job, but some vendors sell comics and related merchandise full time. Trippel believes Longview will take care of him and his fellow vendors.

"If they don't take care of you, you'll draw a sword, right?" I asked.

"Exactly," Trippel laughed.

Really, these are some pretty cool people. When he agreed to drawing a sword, I'm sure he meant on paper.

Tickets for the family-friendly event range from $15 to $30 for the June 2 to 3 convention. If you'd like to get exact pricing or find out more about the comic con just click here.

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