Hallsville Outreach Center recovering from vandalism

HALLSVILLE, TX (KLTV) - Many families depend on receiving donated items from the Hallsville Outreach Center. However, when their building was hit by vandals, some of those needs have gone unmet.

East Texas News spoke with volunteers there about the progress of the cleanup.

Looking at the pictures, you can see the Hallsville Outreach Center was a mess. Vanita Floyd was shocked at the condition of the center although nothing was smashed or broken window was pried open to get in last Friday night.

"They didn't really destroy anything, except they did leave the freezers open," Floyd said.

They think when the perpetrators made themselves a TV dinner or two they left the doors open. The frozen food has to be replaced.

"We will have our clothes room closed for a couple weeks just to get it back organized and back into working condition," Floyd said.

Clothes were thrown around and the perpetrators ...

"Defecated on them so," Floyd stated.

They couldn't be cleaned. The clothes were thrown out, and the carpet had to be steam cleaned.

Ann Newell also volunteers and handles emergency assistance funding. She had a hard time believing someone would vandalize an outreach center.

However, several volunteers have cleaned up the mess.

"Don't know if it's kids, grown-ups, or what, but they're trying to find out, but I'm glad it's back and up and running," Newell said.

"It breaks my heart a lot because what we do here is we help people. We give them food, and we give them clothes. We try to give them moral support," Floyd added.

Everything the center has to offer is from donations, and the Local Lion's Club has cut them a check for some of the replacement supplies needed to help out nearly 400 families each month.

The Hallsville Outreach Center is in need of donations. If you'd like contact information to help them out, click here.

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