Churches Team Up To House Evacuated Families

There are eight less evacuated families in Tyler wondering where they are going to call home. "We lost everything, lost our home everything. Water was up to our neck," says Calvin Heard recalling being inside his New Orleans home when Katrina hit. He and his wife, Mary, of New Orleans were moved into a new apartment on South Bois D'arc.
  It's thanks to Tyler Reverend Jerome Milton and other churches who answered their prayers. "We put those families in there, took care of the first month and a half or so of rent, utilities, we put brand new furniture, brand new TV's what have you," says Reverend Milton. "We just rejoiced, meeting this man we rejoiced. It's the best thing that could have ever happened to us," says Calvin. "It happened so fast!," exclaims wife, Mary. Earnest Smith and his son live in the apartment upstairs. Equally grateful, he says Katrina's wrath brought them down, but the love they have received here picked them back up. "This is new to me. This is new to all of us, we're not used to this," says Earnest. For Reverend Milton giving is not a difficult task.
  Having lived in various foster homes and orphanages growing up, he knows the value of what it's like to receive. "We're putting mission back into missionary. And we're helping our brothers and sisters in a hopeless, helpless and voiceless situation. And for us to step out so they can step on and up is what Jesus Christ commissioned us to do," says Reverend Milton. Milton says actions speak louder than words and so do the thankful hugs Milton received from these families in return.
  Reverend Milton's Church, Pleasant Hills Missionary Baptist, along with Sunshine Baptist Church, Liberty Baptist Church and Ibenia Missionary Baptist Church all pitched in to get these families situated. Milton says they are now working on securing three homes for larger families in need.

Christine Nelson reporting.