Friends Escape Hurricane Together To Longview

True friendship and loyalty have come from two New Orleans' men who escaped to Longview.

At any given time at the Maude Cobb Center, you'll see two friends together, and for good reason.  Napoleon Williams, 51, carried his friend Kenneth Ulmer, wheelchair and all, to safety from the storm ravaged streets of New Orleans.

"If I had to stay out there all night with him I'd do it again. I'm not going to leave him I wasn't going to leave him I'm still not going to leave him," says Williams.

For two-and-a-half miles Williams carried Ulmer through chest deep water all the way to the Superdome. In spite of Ulmers' pleas to save himself, Williams wouldn't quit until they both got out.

"They we're screaming at me to leave and the water was coming in my house and he said get out of there get out of there," Williams says.

"He wouldn't let me do that if he'd have died I'd have died with him, he stuck there with me thick and thin, no matter what he was there he was determined to get me out of there he was not going to leave me behind," says Ulmer.

They remained together in the chaos of the Superdome watching each others' backs.

"You could hear the gunshots, fights, stabbings , looting, and I just stayed there by him" Williams said.

Through it all, they're friendship has made them stronger. And they'll always know where one is, the other won't be too far behind.

"He's the best in the world, everybody needs friends like him," says Ulmer.

Both are looking to get housing near each other to stay in contact.

Bob Hallmark reporting.