Longview Red Cross Promotes Shelter Consolidation

Donations and volunteering have gone extremely well in Gregg County as officials get ready for a long haul with evacuees. Eight-hundred meals each day are being served at Maude Cobb, for around 100 evacuees.

One concern among relief workers is that smaller shelters in East Texas may run out of supplies and their ability to care for evacuees. In the daily briefing today, Red Cross organizers said small shelters should consider the resources of the big shelters.

"If you anticipate that you will not be able to continue these shelters on a long term basis I know a lot of evacuees have employment and your kids are in school and so that our shelter does not get full from other counts by the state we would urge you to consider relocating to our shelter," said American Red Cross executive director Anne Brooks.

Again at this time no donations are needed, Maude Cobb and the distribution center are full. But organizers say they will make announcements on what is needed and when to donate in the coming days and weeks.

Bob Hallmark reporting.