Family Reunited In Longview Shelter

It was a happy ending for an evacuee family in Longview. It was after a long awaited search to find each other.

Two New Orleans sisters had waited six days in the Longview Maude Cobb shelter to hear some news about their mother.

"It's been a heartache but I know she was all right, but you know you want the satisfaction that you know she's all right for sure," said 16-year-old Keevon James, a New Orleans evacuee.

"Its been hard but at the same time I've been working through it," said Keevon's sister, Iesha Smith.

Through the Team Adam database, the girls found that their mother had gone from the Superdome  in Houston.

And today she was coming to Longview.

"I couldn't imagine knowing i wasn't going to see my mom for years and years to come," Keevon said.

In an emotional scene, the girls embraced their mother as she came through the doors of the Maude Cobb center. It was a welcome relief for a mother who endured a nightmare situation at the Superdome.

"I had nightmares I would wake up in my sleep screaming, hollering and sometimes I could her their voices, but I didn't know where they were or how they were doing being able to touch feel listen hear one another, material things can always be replaced in time, but you can never replace your loved ones," said the girls' mother Hermelda James.

CNN representatives paid to fly the girls' mother to Longview, and were there for the reunion.

Bob Hallmark reporting.