Contact Number for Families with Military Evacuees

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX), Vice Chairman of the Senate Republican Conference and Chair of the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Subcommittee, today announced communication resources set up by the Department of Defense Military Family Program Offices to help dislocated Hurricane Katrina victims contact loved ones serving in the military. 

               “Our servicemen and women are making great sacrifices for their country.  They shouldn’t have to worry about the status of a loved one during this tragic time because they are deployed away from home,” Sen. Hutchison said.  “These numbers will help family members who sought refuge hundreds of miles from home find comfort in connecting with family.”          

               During a Labor Day visit to the Dallas Convention Center, Senator Hutchison met a women from New Orleans who had no way to let her son serving on the USS Harry S. Truman know that she and the rest of his family were safe.  Sen. Hutchison was directly involved in helping this family connect.  She then took action to provide communities helping with relief efforts with these important DOD resources to help military families in similar situations. 

               The DOD has set up a website,, along with toll-free numbers for each branch of the military to help these separated families connect. The information is listed below: 


Ø      Army (Active):                                                         1-800-833.6622

Ø      Army (Guard):                                                         1-888-777-7731

Ø      Army (Reserve):                                                       1-877-464-9330

Ø      Air National Guard:                                                  1-888-777-7731

Ø      Navy (Active, Reserve and Dependents):                  1-877-414-5358

Ø      Navy (Navy Civilians and Dependents):                    1-877-689-2722

Ø      Air Force:                                                                1-800-435-9941