TJC students zipline through Costa Rican rain forest

The beauty of Costa Rica (Source: KLTV News Staff)
The beauty of Costa Rica (Source: KLTV News Staff)

(KLTV) - Flying through the rainforest and galloping through the volcanic mountains; that's what a group of TJC students did Thursday as they continued to explore the rainforests of Costa Rica.

About an hour outside the town of Liberia, it's a bumpy ride to the Costa Rican National Park Ricon de la Vieha.

Geared up for another day of adventure - this time the students taking a break from service work to test their comfort zones. Harness, helmet, and a lot of courage; some students even jumping in head first.

Michael Ibarra says zip lining is an awful lot of fun, but he's gaining some unexpected knowledge.

"The beauty of this mountain region - born again, following the deadly eruption of the park's volcano nearly 50 years ago. "

Now, Down one of the nearly mile long zip lines over the trees - it's a pairing of blue skies and rich green vegetation, as far as the eye can see. The views - just as spectacular from the ground as they are from the air.

On horseback - students get a more personal view of the land they saw from up above. 
Their journey through the tropical region - continuing for days to come.

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