Chapel Hill student who won $25k scholarship aspires to help people in Nigeria

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Chapel Hill High School senior Caroline Onwuzu is working to help people in third world countries with their eyesight. She recently won thousands of dollars in  scholarship money from the Taco Bell Foundation to further her education.

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This money can be life-changing for anyone, but Onwuzu plans to use it to change other people's lives. Her dream is to open a traveling optometry practice in Nigeria, where her family is originally from.

She explains that in her culture, becoming a doctor is viewed as a great opportunity. But her passion for the medical field runs deeper.

"I was wondering [...] how can I make it bigger, how can I help more people, and that's whenever I discovered I could go to countries that don't always have programs like that, or if they do, it's too expensive, and I can help out those people," she said.

When Onwuzu visited her family in Nigeria, she says she confided in her mom about her dream.

It'll take some time for Onwuzu to get her optometry license, but in the meantime, she'll attend the University of Texas at Austin in the fall and work towards starting her optometry practice in Nigeria.

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