VIDEO: Wife surprises husband during anniversary photoshoot

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas couple's anniversary video has been a hit online.

Luke and Erika are celebrating their five year anniversary today, and Erika surprised Luke in a very special way.

Erika announced her pregnancy to Luke while they were shooting the anniversary video with Callynth Photography, a Tyler photography studio.

"We both had the idea," said photographer, Callynth Finney. "She did not know she was pregnant when they scheduled the shoot, but she took a pregnancy test right before the shoot. I suggested she include the announcement in the shoot."

In the video, Erika put a onesie that read "Oh baby" in a blanket. The blanket was on the ground while they posed for pictures. She unfolded the blanket in front of him, and he read the onesie. His reaction was captured on the video.

"He surprised me during our engagement, so I had to get him back one day," said Erika as she explained her reason behind her surprise. Erika said she knew for "eight long days."

The video was posted on Facebook Thursday, the day of their anniversary. Since it was posted, it has received more than 4,700 views.

Finney said the song, "His and Hers" by Rachel Kurtz added the perfect touch on the video. She stated, "I did not cry, but I was excited. I knew people would enjoy the video and be blessed by it."

This will be Erika and Luke's first child.

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