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Strange sound is breaking the internet, what do you hear?

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A nationwide phenomenon is breaking the internet.

It’s a sound you’ll probably start to hear in your nightmares after hearing it just once.

So what’s the big deal? And why is social media up in arms?

It’s not really a word, but it’s not really a sound either; so many questions stem from two simple syllables.

So Yanny or Laurel?




“Sounds like Gary and Lary mixed together.”

We had some who listened to the recording on their computer previously; listen to it again on their cell phone.
“Oh wow, I heard Laurel, you heard Laurel that time, I did, I swear this morning I heard Yanny.”

For some, world war three has ensued.

What’s causing 10,000,000 people to hear such different sounds?

Some people believe it’s the difference in quality and the device you hear the sound on.

Others believe it’s the way different pitches resonate.

Doctor David Holmes with Livingston Audiology has been in the ear business for nearly 30 years.

“Up front, I have absolutely no idea,” Holmes says.

No matter what you believe, there’s still the one burning question left unanswered; what do you hear?

From the people KLTV polled today in Smith County, 30% said they heard 'Yanny' and 70% heard 'Laurel'.

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