Katrina Evacuees Have Car Wreck In Tyler

Last week the Phillips family was fighting for their lives in eight feet of water back home in Louisiana. So you can understand, a fender bender today in Tyler was relatively a very minor occurrence in their lives. It happened at S. Loop 323 and Old Jacksonville Road.

The Phillips family had just finished lunch at the First Christian Church shelter, when they say the other vehicle ran the light and hit their car and at least one other. No one suffered serious injuries, and Keaton Phillips was counting that, as just one more blessing. "This is just a drop in the bucket compared to last week," says Keaton. "We lost everything. It was devastating-- our home and vehicles. And if not for the people of Tyler right now, I don't know where we'd be right now."

Phillips went on to say, he'd take a traffic accident on dry land, over eight feet of water...any day.

Joe Terrell, reporting.  jterrell@kltv.com