Job Fair Held For Evacuees

Many Katrina victims in Longview are now saying they're ready to try and rebuild their lives, by going back to work. More than 300 evacuees attended a job fair at the East Texas Workforce building in Longview today. It meant more than just finding a job, it was a chance to stand up on their own again.

"Right now I'll do anything, anything to make money so I can take care of my family" says New Orleans evacuee Enola Lagarde.

From laborers to teachers to professional people, though happy and grateful for all the generosity of east Texans, now they want begin helping themselves.

"I think this would be a fresh start for me to get on my feet and make something out of it, " says New Orleans evacuee Patricia Lagarde.

So many employers showed up that the workforce ran out of space. They had to put a tent up outside.

So far we got a good turnout here and the people we're getting are willing and able to go to work, want to go to work and hopefully we can help them out" says Lone Star Steel representative Jed Jones.

Napoleon Williams hasn't heard from his two sisters in New Orleans for six days, his motivation for work is simple, to help him find his family.

"I was on my job 25 years in New Orleans I left a paycheck there, I have nothing but the money isn't important, my sisters are important" says Williams.

Another job fair will be held by the East Texas Workforce in Tyler on Friday, that's at 4100 Troup highway from 9 AM to 1 PM. 

Bob Hallmark reporting.