Centurion Club of Longview honors Gregg County law enforcement

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - On Tuesday night, the Centurion Club of Longview held their annual banquet to honor the top law enforcement officers in Gregg County.

The banquet honors sworn officers and non-sworn employees from nine law enforcement agencies within Gregg County. 

"Kind of bonds them with other agencies and themselves and gives them that brotherly bond between different officers," Lakeport Police Chief Christopher Vaughn said.  

Putting on the uniform everyday can sometimes be scary for fear of the unknown, but one Gregg County detention officer Tony Fong says that's the fun part.

"It's a lot of fun; you never know what's gonna happen," Fong said. "Sometimes people come in agitated; you have to try to calm them down a bit."

Sheriff's Deputy Joshua Tubb says serving his community for over 17 years has brought him extreme joy.

"I love being able to hold my head up, and being that I serve in such a wonderful community where the community loves us and we just have a great relationship," Tubb said.  

As always, being in law enforcement has difficult times. Highway Patrol Sergeant Darren Thomas says there isn't much harder than informing the family after leaving the scene of a fatality accident.
"You happened to have been the one that was on the scene, that held their loved ones hand during their last breath, and then their family kind of holds on to you as that last touch of their loved one," Thomas said.  

But Sgt. Thomas says that oftentimes it's heartwarming when family members stay in contact with him.

"One lady... I worked a fatality on her husband...and she sent me cards and letters for about 12 years after he passed away and before she passed away," Thomas said.  

It's nights like this when people in law enforcement are able to honor one another, as well as those lost in the line of duty.

"They were doing the job they loved, serving the community they loved, when ultimately they passed away, and it's very important that we remember them for that," Tubb said.

More than 27 people from the different departments were honored in Tuesday's ceremony.

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