City Lowers Evacuee Count, Closes EOC

After some more head counting, it looks like the Tyler area doesn't have as many evacuees as earlier thought. Wednesday, the city announced that around 1,500 storm victims are in the Tyler area.  That is a lot less than the earlier estimate of 3,500.

For those who will be here for some time and don't have anywhere else to go, there is now the possibility of "evacuee communities."

"[The city will be] working with the federal government to come up with long term temporary housing. So eventually a number of evacuees who don't find permanent shelter on their own, I think would be centrally located somewhere," said Tyler Mayor Joey Seeber.

Those plans are still in the early stages. By the way, the city deactivated its emergency operations center Tuesday, as the work of moving evacuees into shelters is now largely done.

Morgan Palmer, reporting.