Tuberculosis Scare At Tyler Shelter

This afternoon at a shelter in Tyler, it looked like business as usual. But for several evacuees, some real worry that they might have Tuberculosis.

We're told three patients were taken by ambulance from the First Christian Church shelter in Tyler, in all, six evacuees seen by doctors have been given the news they do not have the disease.

Only a few folks at shelters have reported diarrhea, and doctors say that doesn't appear to be caused by shelter living.  At the shelters, folks are being told to report even the most minor symptom.

"We have medical professionals and mental health professionals that are backing the Red Cross up like we've never had before, so we depend on them to take care of those cases, and if there's anything else we need to be doing, we will follow that protocol," says Red Cross spokeswoman Susan Campbell.

Tuberculosis is spread more rapidly in close quarters, like shelters, but usually takes at least months, sometimes years, before people come down with symptoms.

Reported by Morgan