Sports Betting Legal After Quarter Century

(KLTV) - Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie won a fight he waged years ago when the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that banning sports betting is unconstitutional.  That means sports betting will be allowed and controlled by the states, the only to currently allow waging on sports is Nevada, in a couple of years the Raiders leave Oakland for Las Vegas.  The Knights of NHL are in the first season of being a pro franchise in the Las Vegas, whereas in the past pro franchises in that city was frowned upon.  While in the past there was concern of bettors getting to pro players, not really a concern today when you take into account the money pro athletes make today.  There really is nothing in it for them, however for college athletes that could be worrisome since the NCAA has had to come to grips of reality where players have gotten paid by boosters and others outside the school.  One expert worries that addiction to gambling will sky rocket and the help the addicts need won't be available.  At least 20 states are expected to immediately explore and execute the possibility of gambling, Louisiana lawmakers have already gone on record saying no interest.  NBA Commissioner Adam Silver for a few years has expressed interest in sports gambling, also to a degree has looked into the possibility.  Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says he sees sports franchises increasing in value and tv viewership also increasing.

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