Carlisle ISD students inspire classmates during senior walk

Carlisle ISD students inspire classmates during senior walk

HENDERSON, TX (KLTV) - One East Texas school district has seen their share of tragedy, Carlisle school district is now finding a way to spread positivity in the midst of pain and heartache through their high school seniors.

"The senior class experienced a loss last year, and this year at the beginning of April we lost a student in a drowning, Jonathan Cano," said high school academic adviser Leshia Smith. "And just two or three weeks ago we lost our third-grade teacher. Mrs. Baker and her daughter passed away in a car wreck."

But the district decided they are ending the school year on a positive note.

"We spent 10 minutes of our day seeing those little kids excited for them, made signs for them, high fived them and I think that's really cool," Smith said.

These seniors graduate at the end of May but decided to stop by the Carlisle Elementary and Junior High School first.

"It's definitely a proud moment," senior Collin Thompson said. "You know they are looking up to you, slapping your hand and it just feels great having those little kids smiling at you."

And while most kids would just think about getting out of class, that wasn't the case for these school kids.

"My favorite part was when we got to cheer them on and hope they have a happy time when they go to college," second-grader Zion Hart said.

It's the first time this has been done at the school and the Carlisle Elementary principal says she wants it to be an annual event.

"For them to see them succeed and do well, and graduate and then go on to do something bigger and better," Principal Stephanie Rowan said. "That what we want for our little ones."

Spreading inspiration and hope for all the Carlisle ISD youngsters.

"I thought like, 'Oh my gosh. One day I'm gonna be a senior walking through the hallway," second-grader Hayden Curry said. "Like yay, my brother's gonna see me one day and I'm gonna be walking through this hallway in a huge gown and I'm gonna feel really happy."

And some seniors realized how much of an inspiration they are to the kids.

"It's a feeling that you can't even describe, it just made me smile, and to know that they want to be in our shoes one day," senior Monica Garza said.

In addition to the seniors doing a walkthrough, the students were able to cheer on the track team as they left this morning for the state championship in Austin.

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