Restaurant Reports: 3 restaurants get serious violations

Restaurant Reports: 3 restaurants get serious violations

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Three East Texas restaurants get the most serious violations in the latest round of health department inspections.

In Tyler,

Mextizo's Mexican cuisine and grill at 3014 old Henderson Highway.

Salsa was out of temperature.

Food items on a prep table were held too warm.

Raw meats were stored above ready to0 eat foods.

Cooked foods were held out of temperature.

Toxic pest control products were not properly labeled.

Stored foods not properly date marked.

Total demerits: 29

In Longview,

The Olive Garden at 104 west Loop 281.

Cheeses were held to warm and had to be discarded.

Half-and-half creamer was held out of temperature and had to be discarded.

A reach in cooler was out of temperature.

No soap in the employees' restroom.

Total demerits: 21

In Tyler,

Go Fish at 127 west Southwest loop 323.

Employees personal food items were stored next to commercial food items inside coolers.

Food contact surfaces and utensils needed to be sanitized.

Foam boxes were used to store food items.

There were inadequate ware-washing facilities.

Total demerits: 17

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