Longview duplex fire victim identified, preliminary autopsy raises more questions

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - The victim of a fatal East Texas duplex fire has been identified and with the release of a preliminary autopsy, there are more questions.

On Wednesday morning, Longview fire crews found the body of 44-year old Johnny Quentin Miller, Jr. after putting out the fire at a duplex on Loring Lane. 
But questions remain about exactly what happened, and adding to it is the mysterious disappearance of mister Miller's vehicle.

It was as firefighters were dousing the flames at this duplex that they spotted the body of the 44-year-old Miller, a man neighbors say was still mourning the loss of his wife 6 months ago.

"She had a stroke, what i heard,  then she came back and she had a heart attack," said one neighbor.

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What caused Miller's death still has not been determined, and the source of the fire hasn't been found. A fire that gutted the duplex, displacing the occupant who lived across from Miller.

"This is a duel investigation at this point between the fire department and the police department," said Longview Police Sergeant Shane McCarter.

A small army of investigators is looking into variables now. Not only how and where the fire started, but they're also looking for Miller's vehicle which has disappeared.

Investigators are looking for Miller's 2002 blue Dodge Caravan which hasn't been seen since before the fire.

"I would see him in the mornings. He would get in his car and drive off in the mornings," said one neighbor.

Fire marshals and evidence investigators have worked over 24 hours trying to find clues.

"We have a deceased individual inside that location. We will carry forward this investigation so we don't miss any of the pieces determining what the outcome of that autopsy is," McCarter says.

The release of the preliminary autopsy only added more questions.

"Hemorrhage of anterior neck muscles, near total body surface area burns, no soot in the airway. The preliminary manner of death and the cause of death are both pending," said Precinct one justice of the piece Tim Bryan.

Finding Millers van may turn up the answers they're looking for. Police say the vehicle they're looking for is a blue 2002 Dodge Caravan, Texas license plate, with the numbers B-G-6-W-7-9-8. 

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