Package bomb detonates outside of church in Beaumont

Package bomb detonates outside of church in Beaumont
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BEAUMONT, TX (KLTV) - A package bomb detonated outside of a church in Beaumont.

According to the Episcopal Diocese of Texas,the St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Beaumont sustained structural damages after a package bomb was detonated outside of its doors. No one was injured in the detonation because it occurred at a time when no one was at the church.

According to a Rtv. Rev. C Andrew Doyle, it was  the rector of the congregation, Rev. Steven Balke, who first discovered the damage when he arrived at the church. However the All Saint's Episcopal School and the church were evacuated as a precaution.

Rtv. Rev. C Andrew Doyle said that the school would be closed until further notice.

"We are very blessed that no one was injured," Rev. Balke said to the Episcopal Diocese of Texas, "We appreciate everyone's prayers at this time. It has made everyone very nervous."

The Beaumont Police Department, ATF and the FBI are investigating the incident. The Episcopal Diocese of Texas said it is not believed that the detonation was an isolated incident. An explosive device was found outside of a Starbucks in Beaumont on April 26.

Officials hosted a press conference in order to address the investigation today at 5 p.m., according to Beaumont Police Department.

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