Marshall police asking for help from anyone with surveillance cameras

Marshall police asking for help from anyone with surveillance cameras

MARSHALL, TX (KLTV) - The Marshall Police Department is asking residents to help them fight crime.

"This whole area has had a lot of burglaries, vehicle burglaries, people going around and pulling door handles, opening unlocked cars, and if we can catch somebody on one video camera system, we can probably solve a lot of those burglaries," aid Marshall Police Lt. William Huffman.

Police officers in Marshall are asking any and all residents who have a surveillance video system set up in their home for help.

"Sometimes we'll spend hours, maybe days walking around neighborhoods asking people, do you have a camera system? Do you know somebody that does?" Huffman said.

However, with the new video registration program, police will know exactly what home to go to for any video that camera system may have taken while a crime took place.

"All we're asking is name, address, if they have a camera system, and what kind they have," Huffman said.

But some residents in the area find that request concerning. If this form is filled out, what kind of access are you giving to police?

"How can we ensure, people like me, the average citizen, that the information that they collect and have available isn't going to be used for anything else except law enforcement," said Marshall resident Mirza Mohamed Santa.

Santa has installed cameras all over the inside and outside of his home. He's also connected those cameras to his cell phone, which lets him watch everything that goes on when he's not there.

Although he is skeptical, he does feel safer knowing police are only here to protect.

"There is some reassurance that they have checks and balances in place to make sure nothing is being misused, or in any way used to harm us," Mirza Mohamed Santa said.

"It's just a matter of letting us know that they have that system in place," Huffman said.

If you live in Marshall and are interested in joining the program call the Marshall Police Department.

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