Titus County warning of fraudulent phone calls

Titus County warning of fraudulent phone calls
(Source: KLTV Staff)

TITUS COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Titus County Sheriff's Office has received several reports of a person phoning Mount Pleasant Area businesses passing themselves off as a representative of the Titus County Sheriff's Office.

The department says the unidentified caller is attempting to extort money from the recipients by telling them they have missed one or more jury duty notices and that the person receiving the call must purchase some sort of a voucher to reconcile the trouble.

The sheriff's office says they know that one or more of the calls originated from a 903 area call with a 541 prefix. Several numbers have been used.  The source of the calls is currently being investigated.

Titus County Sheriff's Office wants the citizens to know that the department does not call anyone to collect payment in any fashion such as this.

Anyone with questions or concerns in this matter or who has information regarding the identity of the persons conducting this activity are asked to contact the Titus County Sheriff's Office at (903) 572-6641 and relay the information to a deputy.

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