Trane and UT Tyler partnership bring major career opportunities

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Students at UT Tyler are stepping out of the classroom into a world full of state of the art technology, quickly turning them into professionals at a young age.

"This is exactly what Tyler needs," city of Tyler mayor, Martin Heines says.

Heines assured a crowd of UT Tyler students a promising and bright future Tuesday morning.

The one-year anniversary of the partnership of the University of Texas at Tyler and Trane, an indoor comfort system provider, has opened the door for nationwide student development.

"We can study all day on a set of problems and then see how it actually works, and it be completely different just because of how much reality is involved in outside of an ideal system," Andrew Hernandez says.

Andrew Hernandez is a UT Tyler graduate student who has taken the lead in two Trane-fueled homes on campus; homes built specifically for experimental heating and cooling systems.

"I think this is a great opportunity for students to, number one, find real world industry work that also will fund their graduate education, so when they get done, they will already have a couple of years of very relevant experience," Tranes director of advanced solutions, Jason LeRoy says.

The idea is for the students to test new and efficient technology before it comes to the consumer's home.

"I'd like to think I'm not completely boring and dry, but the classroom can be, it can be very technical, very pointy headed, this is not. This is very practical, this is very real," associate Dean of Engineering, Dr. Mike McGinnis says.

Dr. McGinnis says he's watched more than 50 students walk out of his classroom with full-fledged careers with Trane.

Trane is funding the graduate research for the heating and cooling program; they say they look forward to seeing more students in a mechanical engineering career.

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