Smith County to provide animal shelter services to Winona

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - The Smith County Commissioners Court has approved an agreement to provide animal shelter services to the City of Winona.

According to a news release from Smith County, the Commissioners Court approved an interlocal agreement that will allow the city of Winona to take stray dogs to the Smith County Animal Shelter.

Winona Mayor Pat Schlau says previously, city officials couldn't pick up stray dogs because they didn't have anywhere to house them.

"If we do, we're liable. This will solve that liability problem and I think the citizens are ready for it," said Mayor Schlau.

As part of the agreement that the City of Winona will pay Smith County $50 per stray dog that is taken to the shelter. Winona officials will be responsible for transporting the dogs to the animal shelter as well as responding to animal control matters within the city.

They must also pay for any fees associated with any testing, medical treatment or other services, according to the news release.

According to the release, the agreement is part of an effort by the county to help reduce the general animal control problems in Smith County. Mayor Schlau said that the agreement would "give Winona a place to take its stray dogs to be taken care of properly."

Smith County has similar agreements with the cities of Troup, Arp, Bullard and Whitehouse.

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