East Texas Food Bank Helps Evacuees

The East Texas Food Bank continues to help those affected by hurricane Katrina. Right now, the center is in the Emergency Response phase, but soon it will be moving into the Relief and Recovery phase, which could last six months. That means there is still a great need for your help.

"Right here in Tyler we've been giving food to the First Christian Center, Patriot Center as well, said Robert Bush, Executive Director at East Texas Food Bank. "We sent quite a bit of food actually up to Waskom where they had evacuees coming through and that's where they were stopping." The food bank also provides food for evacuees staying in churches. Bob Cooper stopped by today to get food for the 30 evacuees being helped by Southside Baptist Church in Palestine.

"Our desire was to try to make a request to the food bank and be able to assist them with this because as all of us know we don't know the long haul, how long this will last and it could go on indefinitely," said Cooper. Thanks to the hundreds of donations already made by the community, the food bank has been able to supply food for everyone that needs it, but the food bank will continue to need food.

"Folks will be in shelters, but then they will begin to get there own place, stay long term and they will still need food to fill their pantries, so they can get themselves into a home and settled," said Bush. This requires more help from the community.

All food donations must be dropped off at the East Texas Food Bank because the local shelters do not have the room for the food and it must be processed to make sure it's safe to eat.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com