Increase in gas prices affects local business

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Oil prices have hit their highest levels in four years, bringing gas prices up along with them.
Now, travelers are a little leery to take their summer vacations, and some East Texas businesses are already feeling the strain.

Something so necessary can be so expensive, and as the seasons change and the temperature rises, so do the gas prices.

Perm-O-Green lawn service, like any lawn care service, is taking the biggest hit, as they use gasoline for their motors, vehicles, and pesticides.

"The efficiency is the factor; you have to become as efficient as you can, there is no way around it, there is no waste anymore, those days are over," Scott Walter says.

"The bad news is, it's going to go up at least a little bit more I think," UT Tyler Dr. Harold Doty says.

Dr. Doty anticipates an increase of at least 10 cents per gallon in the next 90 days.

AAA says even though travelers may rethink vacation plans, it does not compare to the record breaking summer of 2008, when gas prices were $4.11.

"It was ugly, and right now I think the national price for gasoline, the average price is $2.80 a gallon, Tyler though, we're blessed, we have one of the lowest in the nation right now," Dr. Doty says.

Dr. Doty says oil prices should not go up more than $75 a barrel for Texas consumers.

"We have to think about the positive affects of higher oil prices on our economy versus the pain we feel in our pocketbook," Dr. Doty says.

Professor Doty says the good news is, the East Texas gas prices are 15 cents lower than Austin prices.