Better East Texas: GQ's list should inspire Christians toward more Bible reading

(KLTV) - GQ Magazine just released its list of 21 most overrated books, according to the editors of the magazine. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and as so many things are recently, everyone loves to express, even when it differs or even offends.

But the editors of GQ have a certain following, and they need to respect that following and the influence they have on it. They named the Bible on the list of 21 books you don't have to read and made suggestions on alternatives to read. The editors took jabs at the Bible by stating it is not the finest thing man has ever produced. They noted it is repetitive, self-contradictory, foolish and ill-intentioned.

The editors also noted that the Bible is highly rated by those who supposedly live by it, but that many in that group have not actually read the Bible.  Which, unfortunately, probably has more truth to it that not. Christians and believers go through the process of sanctification and part of that is learning, reading and ingesting the Bible. But again, many Christians are Bible ignorant.

So, while the list from GQ is unsettling, it is a challenge to Christians – to read and learn what we believe in, not just to remove the Bible from this list – that may never happen – but for the personal responsibility of embracing what supposedly guides your life. The bottom line is that the Bible does not belong on this list, but perhaps the list and the editor's comments will serve as a wakeup call for Christians.  

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