Better East Texas: Comey's book tour - helpful or self-serving?

BET: Comey book tour

(KLTV) - Former FBI director James Comey has been on the interview parade recently promoting the release of his book – A Higher Loyalty – which chronicles his professional life and details his dealings with President Trump.

Comey comes across as believable in most of the interviews, and the book appears to give a behind the scenes look at his work before and during the election of 2016 and afterwards leading up to his firing by Trump in May of last year.

But it is still hard to embrace someone who is going on this book tour to make money – essentially self-promoting his story. With that in mind, the more salacious the content of the book, the more money he makes. And most of the content cannot be corroborated and is even contested by members of the Trump administration.

The interview on ABC had several trouble spots. Specifically, when Comey decided to leak his Trump meeting memos to the media, he says he did not want to leak it to a single journalist out of fear of what he would say to other journalists that did not get that consideration. So, he gave it to one of the friends, a professor at Columbia, to leak. That person gave it to a single journalist at the New York Times.  What was the difference in the end game?

I haven't read the book, but Comey is out to sell a bunch of them and he will probably be successful. But real impact historically seems to fall short with the endeavor.  I miss the days of public service in our government on both sides instead of the current state of self-service.

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