Superdome Evacuees In Longview

The number of evacuees housed at the Red Cross shelter in Longview is more than 400 now, many coming from the New Orleans Superdome. As new evacuees come in, others are packing up and heading to other more permanent accommodations. Those places include church shelters and even private homes where good-hearted East Texans will house numerous families.

Many of the Superdome evacuees say they have had no water or food for five days. Although glad to be in East Texas, many are angry at their own state and local governments for not doing enough to help them survive.

"In my perspective things could have been done better. They knew the storm was coming. They should have prepared, had things done better. But for me, that's an experience I don't ever want to go through," said Superdome evacuee, Kenneth Ulmer.

Maude Cobb Convention Center is preparing for more New Orleans evacuees in the next week.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.