Church Sends Supplies To Mississippi

Another 18-wheeler full of East Texas generosity is headed for the Gulf Coast. Members of the Clearview Church in Smith County loaded the truck with goods they've purchased: canned food, bottled water, sodas, diapers, even some toys.

The truck is headed to Gulfport, MS. Clearview Church Pastor, Dwight Lawson, was a pastor at a church there, so he personally knows people who need these goods. But Lawson says the congregation's help doesn't end with the supplies. "I think about 25 of us are going to go down there and work for a week," says Lawson. "We're working on teams to follow us for the next two or three weeks, meeting trucks as they come down, handing out the food, cleaning up, cutting down trees, doing whatever is needing to be done."

Eleven members of YWAM are making the trip this time. The congregation is collecting supplies for a second truckload they plan to send down to the Gulf Coast next Sunday.

Joe Terrell, reporting.