First Christian Church Dedicates Service To The Devastation Of The Past Week

It's been a week since First Christian Church was told it would be housing those displaced by hurricane Katrina, a week many members say they will never forget. Today the church came together and thanked God for the opportunity to bless those that have lost everything. The church put together a song in memory of the past week. The first verse read "Katrina, oh Katrina, where did you get your power. When you came busting in here like some dark vengeance hour."

"This is the week that we are a church," said Reverend Jeffrey Wilson. "We are called to be who God has called us to be."

"We come from devastation," said Meredith Green, a New Orleans Evacuee. "I was there to see it. It's no exaggeration. It's there. It's real." Green attended both services at First Christian Church.

"I went to both services because I wanted the first opportunity I got to thank the Lord for sparing me," said Green. "I really broke down a little you know." Reverend Wilson talked about the past week in his sermon. He told them they were blessed for the opportunity to help.

"We don't walk through these valleys of the shadows of death alone," said Wilson. "Not even when they are flooded."

"It was really great to actually have the opportunity to help everybody," said Lea Taylor, First Christian Church member. "At first it really wasn't real and then once you walk over there and you see all the people and the children you know."

"This is the land of plenty and they are really sharing everything and it's such a good thing," said Green. "Everybody's smiling and that's a nice thing. We need to see that sort of thing." Green says he lost his church in New Orleans, and is very blessed to be here in Tyler where everyone has been so giving. Green was reunited with his family this afternoon. He says they plan to move to Virginia.

Molly Reuter, reporting.