Two-hundred Hurricane Evacuees Arrive In Henderson County

Out of  the 200 evacuees who arrived in Henderson County today, four were pronounced dead. One person is in critical condition. The remaining evacuees were given a medical evaluation at the Henderson County Fair Park Complex.

Volunteers are doing everything they can to make their stay here a comfortable one.  It was evident upon arrival, these evacuees have been through much turmoil. "There was a mother that came in.  We couldn't find her child.  They had been separated. We have a gentleman who's all by himself with no family at all and he's frightened because he's all by himself. Some of them come in and just want to take a shower and rest," said Paul Redic, a volunteer pastor.

From the Henderson County Complex, evacuees will be placed in three shelters in the area: the Christian Center, the Cain Center and the Old Armory, where officials say they are in dire need of fans.