Southwest Pines Apartments Help Evacuees

Many evacuees have made the decision to stay in East Texas and call it their home, and one local apartment complex is assisting them do that. Southwest Pines Apartments is now leasing apartments to evacuees. Right now, they have more than 40 families. With the help of local churches and businesses, Southwest Pines has able to give the evacuees furniture, clothing and other supplies they may need. One evacuee says she is very grateful to the Tyler community.

"I feel so much better," said Jamie Diggs. "I have no bedrooms or anything, but just something I can say that's mine. I'm fine sleeping on the floor. I feel so much better." Southwest apartments say they still need supplies. Anything from furniture to sheets and toilet paper. All supplies can be dropped off at Southwest Pines Apartments," which is located off the loop on Walton Road. For more information call the apartment office at (903) 596-8000.

Molly Reuter, reporting.