East Texas Workforce Center Holds Session For Evacuees

Dozens of hurricane evacuees spent the day looking for jobs here in East Texas. To assist them, the East Texas Workforce Center in Tyler put on a special workshop. It helped evacuees file for unemployment, as well as hear from potential employers.

"It's kind of like survival, trying to find a job and trying to survive," says Chasity Carter, 27, of New Orleans. "I have a little girl that I have to take care of." Joseph Guin, also of New Orleans said, "I'm trying to find a job in either electrical or aviation or whatever." "I'm actually right now looking for a job in the computer field. That's what I have experience in," said Damara McElveen, 30, also of New Orleans.

The East Texas Workforce Center not only provided evacuees with hurricane relief information, it had employers on the site, taking job applications. "We've had a list of employers, employers are calling. They want to see people immediately. We have employers who are transferring employees from the New Orleans from their stores, here in the East Texas area," says Kim Stacy, the employee services unit leader at the East Texas Workforce Center.

Participants said the assistance made their job search a whole lot easier. "The best part is the knowledge and the employers coming here and saying, look we have a job for you. We have a job and come and start working for us," said Carter. Like many others, now stranded in East Texas, Carter says she's positive she'll find a job in her field soon.

Oralia Ortega, reporting, ortega@ktlv.com