Safety, Security Concerns With East Texans Wishing To Take In Evacuees

Many of you have called us telling us you want to open your home to disaster victims stuck in shelters. And there's no agency to coordinate that kind of generosity.

But with those shelters in operation, the Red Cross tells us they cannot pair up families with folks who have spare room because it's just not safe. While they continue to be amazed by the amount East Texans want to give, spokeswoman Susan Campbell tells us both the evacuee and the donor could get in trouble if problems arise.

"Should somebody get hurt, an evacuee get hurt, they could hold the homeowner responsible for that. That would be a terrible situation, and you know... It happens," Campbell said.

At Tyler's Emergency Operation Center, Assistant Police Chief Paula Riggle tells KLTV 7 they have similar concerns over liability -- not only if someone's hurt in an unsafe living condition, but they also have no way to make sure if those offering homes really have good intentions.

Reported by Morgan Palmer.