More Evacuees On The Way, Small Break For Hotel Guests

A thousand more refugees may be coming to Tyler by Saturday, according to the city.

Tyler will be home to an estimated 3,500 temporary residents. For those staying in hotels, there is some financial relief.

The Tyler City Council has repealed the seven percent hotel tax for the next 30 days. It might not sound like much, but for people who will be staying for a month; it'll make a difference.

Joey Seeber, Tyler Mayor: says, "Many of them don't know if they have anything to go home to. They may not have jobs to go back to, so every penny counts. And we thought if we could just do our little part for thirty days, that might help."

An example... for a family paying $70 a night for a room, the suspension of the tax would save them nearly $150 over the next 30 days.