Evacuee Kids Enroll In Longview Schools

Dozens of children of evacuees are about to be students in East Texas.

Some East Texas educators visited the shelter in Longview today.

"I feel great .  I'm ready for them to get back into school, and get back to doing what they need to do. They've already missed a week of school," said evacuee Rhonda Mcclain who has 3 school-aged children.

Evacuees who expect to stay in our area for an extended period of time, were given the opportunity to fill out the necessary paperwork and enroll their children; however, the future students say it's going to take to adjust.

"Its gonna be a new atmosphere. I'm going to feel kind of awkward because I've never gone to a new school before. This is a whole new thing for me. I've never ever had a hurricane come and have everything destroyed. It's gonna be really awkward and different I'm kind of nervous about it," said high school student Michael Dier from Chalmette, Louisiana.

With no records to work with, educators have to place children in grades based on their interviews.

"We're wanting to get these kiddos back into school, to give them a sense of normalcy," said Administrator Dr. Jennifer Scott of the Longview Independent School District.

For many parents it's a chance to get back to a "normal" life.

The district, and students are donating supplies for the new students.

Bob Hallmark reporting.