Explosion Rocks New Orleans

A large explosion rocks new orleans this morning. The resulting chemical fire caused towering flames and huge clouds of smoke. Authorities were trying to get a hazardous materials team to the area.

Early this morning, thousands of pounds of much needed supplies were loaded into a Federal Express jet. At Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey. The destination, a ravaged Gulf Of Mexico where hurricane victims are desperately waiting.

"I want the American people to know that we understand how dire this situation is. And we're gonna do everything we can to get that aid down to that individual," FEMA Director Michael Brown said.

The Houston Astrodome is a temporary shelter for more than 10 thousand evacuees from the New Orleans area. But the Astrodome stopped accepting people last night after the city's fire marshal ordered no one else be allowed inside.

Last night, the senate approved a 10-and a half billion dollar disaster relief bill for the victims of the storm.

"We're working very aggressively to reverse this natural disaster which is one of the worst that we've seen in the last hundred years." Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said.

Later today, President Bush is scheduled to take an aerial tour of the destruction.