Whole Family Escapes Hurricane To Marshall

35 members of the Meyer family from Louisiana and Mississippi are all staying in one Marshall hotel. They fear the worst; believing they've all lost their homes and all their possessions. From watching all the reports, the Meyer family now believes, all they have left is each other.

"When you watch TV and our family and friends are there and they have nothing they haven't eaten for 3 or 4 days, they have no place to sleep" said Meraux Louisiana evacuee Hannah Bonstaff.

Family members from New Orleans, and right across the border in Mississippi, all united to find a way out of Katrina's path.

"I'm afraid when I go home they'll pick me up and put me in jail because I had to write bad checks to buy gas for all of us to get up here" said Lorraine Meyer Townsend of Delisle Mississippi.

They were on their last ounce of gas when they got to the La Quinta Inn at Marshall, and their tragedy was so compelling to the hotel manager, he's done everything he can to keep them there.

"I've actually displaced some of my other guests coming in to make sure the evacuees do have a place to stay , my concern is that this family is together" said Marshall La Quinta Inn general manager Brian Yarborough.

Even other guests have paid for the Meyer rooms.

"We've had each other, when we see each other we smile everybody in here, if you need a hug you grab one" said Longbeach Mississippi evacuee Jeff Brown.

They left home with only a few clothes and their pets, and the last words from loved ones before the telephone lines went dead.

"I don't know what i would do without this place and these people" said Bonstaff.

The Meyers still have extended family that didn't make it out that they haven't heard from in several days.

Bob Hallmark reporting.  bhallmark@kltv.com