Tyler Woman Searching For More Than 100 Relatives In Katrina Devastation

It's the case for Jean Garcia of Tyler. She has generations of immediate and extended family both in Louisiana and Mississippi. She's especially tried to contact her younger sister, Bobbie Hale, who lives in West, Louisiana. They have not been able to connect before and after Katrina struck. "Well I said if she didn't get out of it she's dead. Because she wouldn't be able to get out of the water. She'd just be gone that's all. I don't know what to think," says Jean.

If you are an East Texan searching for a loved one in the Katrina devastation we want to hear from you. Email us at Katrina@kltv.com, make sure you include your name and number where you can be reached.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com