Residents say snake infestation causing concern for children, pets

Residents say snake infestation causing concern for children, pets
An East Texas snake catcher was called to a neighborhood in Tyler to investigate what residents are calling an 'infestation.'

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Inside a quaint little neighborhood in Tyler, a reptilian infestation has occurred.

"My husband has found where one of the larger copperheads lives in the tree stump that's back there," resident Kendra Milan says.

It's that time of year when the well-known venomous copperhead has come out to feed.

This leaves Kendra Milan, a mother of three, concerned about letting her kids out in their backyard.

"I'm very concerned about my kids getting bit, but they also know if they see one, to get away," Milan says.

And most residents in the neighborhood say they share that same fear, which is why Jeremy Davis, a local snake enthusiast, was called to come investigate.

With his flashlight, rubber boots, and snake tongs, Davis says he's caught at least 200 snakes a year here in east Texas.

"They're having snakes coming out of this creek back here, up into their yards, and of course they're worried about their kids and pets getting bit," snake catcher Davis says.

The copperhead is one of four of the most venomous snakes in Texas. The others include the pygmy rattler, the cottonmouth, and the coral snake; four of Davis' favorites to catch, he says.

"But I don't go crocodile hunter on everybody and try to grab them with my hands by their head, I actually have some sense about me," Davis says.

The snake catcher makes sure the snakes are treated nicely, too, though; he does not kill them, but puts them into a safer more remote area.

Before Jeremy puts the snakes back in a safer habitat, he uses the reptiles to teach safety precautions to local students and Cub Scouts.