Man indicted for allegedly threatening White Oak police

Man indicted for allegedly threatening White Oak police
Ross Lindsey (Source: Gladewater Police)

WHITE OAK, TX (KLTV) - A Gladewater man has been indicted with retaliation after reportedly making threats against the White Oak Police Department.

Ross Lindsey, 21, was arrested in February 2018 after he reportedly made threats on social media to "shoot an officer in the face."

White Oak police were alerted about threats being posted on Snapchat by Lindsey, who had previously been arrested on a marijuana charge.

Police say that after the first arrest Lindsey began harassing the department. He reportedly called the department repeatedly. According to police, he would ask for the home addresses of officers and specific times in their routines.

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Police were then alerted that Lindsey was posting threatening videos on Snapchat against the White Oak police. According to the police, Lindsey's videos would include messages such as he was "ready to blast White Oak police in the face" and "I'll shoot a cop in the face from White Oak."

In his videos he would taunt the police to come and get him. According to the police he would post videos walking into the lobby of the police department and saying the he had marijuana.

Lindsey was arrested and booked in the Gregg County Jail on a $50 thousand bond.

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