2 restaurants get serious inspection violations

. - 2 East Texas restaurants receive the most serious violations under inspections.

In Tyler,

3 Charrito’s Mexican Restaurant, 2412 West Erwin Street.

Observed several dirty direct contact dishes, containers, cutting boards.

Bare-hand contact with ready to eat food.

Sour cream, milk, green salsa, tomatoes, and lettuce held at too warm of a temperature, and ordered discarded.

Foods not properly date-marked.

Food contact surfaces needed cleaning.

21 Demerits

MI Mexico Lindo, 801 South Southeast Loop 323

Cooked rice was found held out of temperature and ordered discarded.

Raw chicken found stored above raw beef and fish. eggs stored on top of hash-browns.

Food contact surfaces needed cleaning.

Foods not properly date-marked.

Insect was observed on top of ready to eat food.

Total demerits : 17

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