Proud of East Texas: Blue Moon Gardens

EDOM, TX (KLTV) - Sharon Smith has had a lifetime love affair with plants as far back as she can remember.

It was that love of plants that inspired her and her business partner, Mary Wilhite to open Blue Moon Gardens 25 years ago.

"I just liked to look at flowers and plants, I'm just obsessed and always have been."

Sharon and Mary were both dissatisfied with their jobs in Tyler, when Mary's husband James, who had just opened a landscaping business, came up with a suggestion.

"He said, 'you girls need to think of something to do so you'll stop complaining about how you would do things.'"

"I really enjoy watching things grow. I like to see the whole process, I like working outdoors."

Since both women loved plants, a nursery seemed to be the answer, and since no one was growing herbs, that seemed to be the way to start.

The first herb crops were grown in the Wilhite's backyard.

"We started as wholesale growers and we just grew herbs to sell to other nurseries. And then we added another greenhouse until pretty soon we had 15 greenhouses."

For the first five years in business, both women worked at other jobs and took no salary from Blue Moon.

"I never thought the business would grow to be as big as it is. That's been enjoyable to see that happen."

Blue Moon Gardens, located near Edom, has developed into a retail garden center with hundreds of plant varieties, multiple greenhouses, and farmhouse office gift shop, storage buildings, display gardens, and building housing plant and craft classes.

"We want you to be a successful as a gardener, I mean what is the point if you can't feel you're making progress in your craft."

Blue Moon Gardens has become a destination point for individuals and families interested in gardening or just enjoying the beauty of nature.

As for Sharon Smith and Mary Wilhite, well, there's no more complaining about their work.

"What a great thing to spend your life not minding getting up and going to work every day."

"I still love my job. I still love coming out here and seeing the beauty and seeing all the new flowers that come off the truck.

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