Welcoming Ezra: Lindale baby born prematurely comes home

Welcoming Ezra: Lindale baby born prematurely comes home
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LINDALE, TX (KLTV) - With community members lining the street and an official police escort, the parents of five-month-old Ezra Cole finally brought him home to Lindale on April 10.

"This whole town has been praying for so many months," says community member Waverly Bratcher. "We are so excited to see that baby pass by."

Born at only 25 weeks, Ezra weighed less than one pound; just 14 ounces. He had brain, digestive, and heart issues. The night Ezra was born, doctors told his parents, Regan Daugherty and Dillon Fittz, that he only had a 20% chance of survival, the family says they're more than grateful to have beaten the odds.

"Power and prayer in faith, that's been our biggest thing," says Fittz. "It's a very humbling situation, obviously it could have went a lot better, but it could have went a lot worse."

Daugherty says the community's overwhelming support played a big part in helping the family stay positive.

"There were nights that I would come home, I would fall to my knees and I would cry," says Daugherty. "Then we would turn to Facebook, and just reading those encouraging messages is what made us get up, wipe the tears away, and keep going."

Although Ezra was strong enough to come home, the family says he still has battles to overcome. The family's next goal will be improving Ezra's breathing and getting to a point where he is able to eat on his own.

Another goal for the family: planning a wedding. Before taking Ezra home from the hospital, Fittz took the opportunity to pop the question. Daugherty describes the moment as 'perfect'.

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